10 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home for More

If you want to sell your home for more without putting up a ton of money for renovations, you’ll want to know a little about staging. Here are ten things you can do for the presentation of your home to get it sold for more. 

1. Focus on first impressions

How a person feels when they are in your home directly impacts how much value they see in it. Imagine entering your home for the time. What do you notice about it? Think about how the lighting, the smell, the cleanliness, and the overall ambiance contribute to the buyer’s experience. 

2. Craft a welcoming entrance 

Your first opportunity to impress buyers is from the moment they pull up. This means ensuring that your lawn is cut, gardening tools are put away, and the porch is swept. When they walk through the doors, the home should feel open and inviting. Lighting is a very important factor, the lighter and brighter, the better. 

3. Create function

This is where you will get creative. Buyers want to see purpose and possibilities in the home. If your home has unique features, such as a kitchen nook or small closets, create a fuction. Stage a mini home office in the closet or afternoon tea in the nook. These small bonuses can make your home stand out. 

4. Stage a lifestyle

Buyers walk into showings imagining themselves living there. So if your area or home style is geared towards a particular type of buyer and lifestyle, play to that. Create the perfect outdoor seating area where buyers can imagine having their friends over or an ideal ‘WFH’ office. 

5. Eliminate clutter

This may seem obvious, but if you have lived in your home for a while you may not even see it. Ensure all dishes are put away out of sight, towels are folded and put away, store remotes and chargers where they can’t be seen. Bottom line: eliminate any distractions that would take away from the real features of the home. 

6. Remove personal touches

Buyers know the home has been lived in, but they don’t want to focus on this. They want to envision themselves in the home. Remove family photos, children’s toys, vacation magnets from the fridge, etc. More importantly, store pet toys, food and leashes out of sight. Many people may be animal lovers, but when it comes to showings, this just gives the impression of a dirty home. 


7. Identify the main attractions

If you can’t go all out on renovations, focus on what you can do. Pick a room or two to enhance, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, which are typically the big sellers. Think about leaving fresh flowers and candles, and definitely be sure to remove things like shampoo bottles and dirty dishes. Be sure all surfaces are clear and clean. 


8. Go neutral 

Think about giving your home a fresh paint job. Neutral colors sell best; they appeal to more people and can make your home feel more open. Don’t scare off buyers with loud colors and designs. 

9. Deep, deep clean

The biggest turn-off for buyers and ‘ding’ against the home’s value is dirtiness. It’s not enough to just clear the counters, be sure you’ve cleaned every corner and crevice and deep cleaned those carpets. 

10. Don’t forget about the exterior

Little details on the exterior of your home can make a big difference. Think about hanging attractive and easily identifiable home numbers, be sure your mailbox looks clean and new, plant trees and flowers, and definitely be sure to clean up any spiderwebs on the porch. 


Sell for more with Dev Singh 

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