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Let me help you find the value of your home. The Silicon Valley and Bay Area market is constantly changing and it’s a good idea to check the value of your home every year. Most South Bay Area homes are in high demand areas which greatly increases your home’s value year-to-year. I’d be happy to give you my insights specific to your home and the area you’re in.

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With well over ​$​75 million in ​recent ​sales​,​ combined with his professional background in marketing​ and ​love of negotiating​, this​ make​s Dev ​an ideal fit for both Buyers and Sellers. A “start to finish” broker, ​Dev expertly and thoroughly guides ​his clients through the buying and selling of their home. ​He prides himself on his​ hands-on involvement at all stages of the process and will go to great lengths to help clients attain their real estate goals. Clients find comfort in ​his kind and straight-forward demeanor, effective communication and problem-solving abilities. ​His winning combination of aggressiveness, tenacity, and strategy results in loyal clients and ​contributes to his excellent reputation​ as a hardworking agent with the knowledge and expertise needed in this complicated market.