If you’ve ventured into the Real Estate investment world, you’ve probably done your share of research by now. You’ve learned the lingo, dug into some market trends analytics, and maybe found some properties that caught your investment eye. Now all that’s left is to find a real estate agent that understands your interest and can help you boost your Real Estate investment portfolio. 

The agent you choose should know the nuts and bolts of investing in real estate and be qualified to give you the investment advice you need. 

With that in mind, scroll below to view some of the areas and characteristics Dev Singh specializes in.



Dev knows the Best Areas to Invest in
Whichever real estate agent you choose, they should know where to find profitable investment properties. They should know the local rental market, off-market properties, and areas that appreciate at price quickly. An agent that knows these can recommend you some target properties or areas that are suitable for your investment needs. 

If you want to flip properties, an investment-friendly real estate agent will already know a few properties that need some TLC. If you want to use the property as a rental investment, the agent will know which areas are popular and have the highest rental incomes. If you’re leaning towards a buy and hold strategy, the real estate agent you hire should give you a detailed analysis of the market with expected property values in the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

Dev has access to insider data
Working with someone that is “known in the market”, but also “knows the market” can bring a wide array of benefits for you and your business. For one, Dev has industry connections that give him access to information other agents may not have, which can give you the upper hand when it comes to highly desirable properties. 
Dev can help you with numbers
Even if you are a seasoned real estate investor, you still may be unfamiliar with the terms like gross potential income, cap rates, gross operating income (GOI), gross rental multiplier (GRM), net operating income (NOI), rent-to-cost ratios, cash flow before taxes (GFBT), debt service ratio, and break-even ratio. However, these are all important indicators that show how profitable an investment property may be, you need to know the numbers behind each of them. 

An investment real estate agent can help you calculate all of these factors. Dev works with these indicators daily and can show you not only how to calculate them, but how you can use them to maximize your returns. 

Dev can help you find sources of financing
The real estate agent you work with should recommend a few sources of financing you can turn to when buying an investment property. Whether it’s to co-invest with fellow investors, turn to banks or mortgage lenders, the options that are available should be fully known to you. 
Dev is a highly successful investor as well
It’s important that the agent you hire has already worked with real estate investors and that they were successful in doing it.  As a major plus, Dev has had tremendous success as a Bay Area investor himself. From owning duplexes, to flipping properties, he’s been through and seen it all.

The benefits of working with a qualified investor-friendly Realtor are obvious. However, finding one is easier said than done and requires an in-depth analysis of potential agents. A small mistake can cost you a fortune, so make sure you work with the right person that will help you make the right investment choices. Dev is here to help guide you and grow your Real Estate investment portfolio.



Dev Singh is a local Realtor® in Cupertino, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and San Jose specializing in new builds, working with investors and home sales

With well over ​$​75 million in ​recent ​sales​,​ combined with his professional background in marketing​ and ​love of negotiating​, this​ make​s Dev ​an ideal fit for both Buyers and Sellers. A “start to finish” broker, ​Dev expertly and thoroughly guides ​his clients through the buying and selling of their home. ​He prides himself on his​ hands-on involvement at all stages of the process and will go to great lengths to help clients attain their real estate goals.